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Yearly Math Challenges May 1, 2009

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Sometimes it’s hard to remember to do all the fun stuff in math. We get stuck in our workbook rut, and then the kids start complaining… you know how it goes.

One fun thing that we’ve done is to create an math challenge award program for the year. Kids still are learning skills, but they also get to have fun stuff too.  Basically I create a check-off list for the whole year of things each child should accomplish in math, and if they do, they earn an award (or reward).   You can tailor this to your own child’s needs.  Sometimes for younger kids, I’ll just write in the back of their workbook what the reward will be when they finish the book, and play games with them during the week.  I make these math challenges mainly for the older kids.  Many of you wanted to see what this looks like, so I’ve posted some on this blog.

You can have your child help make the year challenge. When the challenge is complete, present your child with an award. It could be a certificate, a trophy (buy an old one at the thrift store and make a new name plate), cash, a toy, party or whatever you decide.  It might be fun to have something that could be earned yearly to place on a plaque.

6th Grade Math Challenge

7th Grade Math Challenge


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