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Number Families (Addition/Subtraction Game) April 11, 2009

Posted by inspiremath in Addition/Subtraction, Math Games.
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● 4-6 sets of cards numbered 1-12.

Each game starts with declaring a particular number family that will be in play, such as 12 or 7. Dealer shuffles cards and deals them equally to all players. Players may not look at their cards, but must place them face down in a pile in front of them. Players in turn place their top card face up on the table. The first person to spot the face-up cards taht when added or subtracted equal the number family, slaps his face up card and names the cards that belong, such as a 3 card, a 5 card and a 4 card make the number family 12. If he is correct, he wins all the cards in that family and puts them in a separate pile. Game continues until all cards have been played. Player that has the most family cards wins.



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