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Skunk (Addition/Subtraction Game) April 9, 2009

Posted by inspiremath in Addition/Subtraction, Math Games.
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●Two dice
●paper and pencil for each player.

Each player writes the word “S K U N K” across the top of his paper.  The leader rolls the two dice and whatever the sum is, everyone writes it down under the first “S” in “skunk.”  At this point, each player can choose to continue playing the rest of the letters, or stop and avoid the risk of losing all the points for that round.  If the leader rolls a “skunk” (a one on either of the dice), then those that are playing lose all the points for that round.  As the leader continues to roll the dice, players total up the points and put that total under each succeeding letter.  Continue playing until someone reaches 50 points.

Variation: Subtraction Skunk – each player begins with 50 points.  Instead of adding the die, each player will subtract the smaller from the larger.  Play is the same as addition skunk.  First player to reach 0 is the winner.


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