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Addition/Subtraction Hopscotch (Addition/Subtraction Game) April 9, 2009

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●Sidewalk chalk

Draw digits in mixed order from 0-9 along a trail on your sidewalk or driveway.  Make them one to two feet apart on the ground.  Players in turn hop on one foot from one digit to another, and as they do so, they add or subtract a certain number to each one they hop on.  For example, a player might add the number 3 to each number he hops on to.  He has to call out the sum/difference while he is standing with one foot on that number.

Variation #1: Make the trails longer with larger numbers.
Variation #2: Jump on the first number, and say it out loud.  Jump to the next number and add that number to the first number and say the sum out loud.  Keep adding as you jump.  For example, jump on a 2 and say “2.”  Then jump on a 6 and say “8.”  Then jump on a 3 and say “11.”  When you mess up it’s the next person’s turn.
Variation #3: To play this inside, use masking tape to tape numbers to the floor.
Variation #4: Let younger kids just jump on the numbers and tell you what they are.


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