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War (Addition/Subtraction Game) April 7, 2009

Posted by inspiremath in Addition/Subtraction, Math Games.
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●4 to 6 sets of 0-9 cards

Deal out an equal number of cards to each player.  Each player places his deck face down in front of him.  When someone says “go” each player takes two cards off their own deck and lays them down face up in front them.  Players should flip over cards at the same time.  Then each player adds the numbers together and calls out their sum.  The one with the highest number wins all the cards in play.  If two or more players have equal sums, those players put two more cards down face up in front of them and then they call out the sum of the two new cards.  The player with the highest sum from the second war wins all the cards in the play, including those from the first war.  If a player calls out the wrong answer, he can’t win, even if he had the highest number.  Play continues until one player captures all the cards on the table, or when time is called.

Variation #1: Use three cards instead of two, and add all of them together.
Variation #2: Instead of addition war, play subtraction war.  Each player subtracts their smaller number from the larger number and the person with the lowest number wins all the cards in play.



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