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Place Value Team Competition (Place Value Game) April 4, 2009

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● 4 to 6 sets of 0-9 cards

Shuffle the cards.  Divide the group into two teams.  The leader places a card on the table or writes one on a chalkboard for all to see.  The first person on Team 1 reads the number.  Leader places another number to the left of this number and the first person on Team 2 reads the number.  Alternating between the teams, keep placing numbers to the left of the existing number until one person can’t read the number.  The other team wins a point.  Competition begins again with a new card.  First team to win 5 points wins the game.

Variation: Leader can put down a new number each time, as long as they grow by one digit each time.

Tips: The numbers in this game can get REALLY high.  So it’d do you good to know this order: Hundreds / Thousands / Millions / Billions / Trillions / Quadrillion / Quintillion / Sextillion / Septillion / Octillion / Decillion and if you wanna go higher than that, you’ll have to look it up.



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