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Place Value Dice (Place Value Game) April 2, 2009

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●1 die per player
●Scratch paper
●Pens or pencils

Draw a place value table on the scratch paper (go out as many or as few places as you want.)  Should look like a graph with these headers and 4-6 empty rows/columns below.
Mill   / Hund Thou  /  Ten Thou  /  Thou  /  Hund  /  Ten  /  One

Each player rolls one die and writes the number in the square that is to his best advantage.  If that number is a high number, the player will want to write it in one of the left hand columns.  The players continue rolling until all the numbers are filled in on one row.   The player with the highest number wins that round, and should circle his number.  Play in rounds and the player with the highest number at the end of 5 rounds, wins.  Or play for a certain amount of time and the player who got the most highest numbers wins.
You can require the person with the highest number to say the number correctly.  If not, the person who has the next highest number and can say it correctly wins that round.



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